Of Kings and Paintings

OF KINGS AND PAINTINGS is a history of the extraordinary art that was commissioned during the Qajar Dynasty (1785 - 1925). In interviews with historians and art experts, the film will explore this remarkable era in Iranian history that straddled the transition between tradition and modernity. By introducing prominent painters of Qajar era like Sani al-Mulk and Kamal al-Mulk, the film looks at the multiple ways in which the art evolved from using traditional Iranian painting elements to incorporating techniques of European painting. Qajar art is now gaining prominence all over the world with exhibitions in France at the Louvre, in Dubai and in the USA. While offering an overview of painters and paintings of Qajar era and its continued legacy, the film weaves together art history and Persian history, while taking a deep look at the art and culture of an era we know little about.

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Art, Beauty, Music and God - The Story of Nasta'liq

Like no other style of writing in the world, Persian calligraphy or Nasta’liq hovers on the boundaries between art, information and the profoundly spiritual, raising the very question of whether a style of writing can be considered an art, and how it is that an alphabetic system can encompass so much. The film “Art, Beauty, Music and God - The Story of Nasta’liq” will explore these questions and others as it introduces viewers to this ancient art form, still very much alive today.
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